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Kenny Hubbs?

OK, most of you probably don't. He was NL Rookie of the Year in 1962, a young, promising second baseman who had a terrible fear of flying. Back in the 60's, teams didn't fly to all cities, but they were starting to, and Hubbs decided to get over his fear of flying by taking flying lessons.

He took off in a Utah snowstorm in February 1964 and his plane crashed and he was killed.

He's been honored by the Cubs organization a couple of times over the last few years and recently, his brother donated one of his gloves to the Hall of Fame; it'll be exhibited at the All-Star FanFest here in Chicago this weekend.

Anyway, Frank Mathie of our station did a story about this yesterday and gave me a 60's era brochure which had been given out by the foundation started in Kenny Hubbs' memory. Fascinating, with lots of pictures, including one on the cover with Hubbs wearing #16. The Cubs had announced at the time that #16 would be retired, and in fact it wasn't reissued until 1972, when it was given to manager Whitey Lockman.

When I see a Cub wearing #16 -- and there isn't a current Cub with that number, the last one was Delino DeShields last year -- I'll always think of Kenny Hubbs, and the career and life that ended far too soon.