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Idiot Of The Week Award

This one's easy -- it goes to Randall Simon of the Pittsburgh Pirates, who thought it would be funny to attack one of the Racing Sausages at Miller Park in Milwaukee last night.

As the Sausages ran by the Pirates' dugout, Simon whacked the top of one of them with a bat, causing two of them to topple over in the top-heavy costumes, which are generally worn by young Brewers' employees, although a couple of years ago, the Pirates' Pat Meares was talked into wearing one and participating when he was on the DL. There's no promotion in baseball that's more charming than this one. They even sell Sausage Race T-shirts in Milwaukee. OK, so it's Milwaukee. Believe it or not, you can even play the Sausage Race on the Internet.

Making the scene even odder was the fact that last night was Turn Back The Clock night in Milwaukee, so the Pirates were wearing their 1970's era canary yellow uniforms.

I mean, just how stupid is this guy? He was charged with misdemeanor battery, which probably doesn't carry a very stiff sentence. But whatever it is, they ought to let Simon have it. Baseball players shouldn't be immune from criminal prosecution simply because they're wearing a uniform.