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1) Forgot to mention yesterday that Tom, my friend from Colgate who joined us in Baltimore, is in town for the Atlanta series. He showed up wearing his Milwaukee Sausage Race T-shirt, which he got at old County Stadium in 1999. He claims he put it on before he even heard about the Randall Simon incident. Actually, I believe him.

2) Last night's moviegoing was my first time at the new AMC River East 21 in downtown Chicago. This is the largest movie screen complex in the city -- I give it mixed reviews. You have to go up three escalators and down a very long corridor to get to the "theater" -- and I put that in quotes because it's not that much bigger than a closet, or so it seems. There were 63 seats in screen #14. Yes, I counted them. It was about half full, and felt kind of closed-in. The screen was big enough and the sound was OK, but in a theater that small, the mandatory EXIT signs that have to stay on were shining pretty brightly. I wouldn't bother going back there again unless, as was the case last night, it was the only place/time I could see a particular film.