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1) Randall Simon has been suspended for three games and fined for the sausage race incident. I could make a few puns here, but I think I'm pretty fried. Instead, I'll just say that Simon seemed sorry that he did it, and this won't cost him a lot of bread.

2) Game time for the Wednesday, July 23 game vs. the Phillies has been changed to 6:05 CDT from 7:05. ESPN will telecast that game.

3) Before today's game I went over to Kenmore Avenue to see the mark that has been painted on the street where Sammy Sosa's rocket of a home run landed on June 25.

It's only about 20 feet short of where the legendary 600-foot shot that Dave Kingman hit while he was with the Mets in 1976. Sosa's blast, measured at 520 feet, and marked as "538 feet" on the street, has to be at least 550 feet, maybe longer. If you're in the neighborhood, check out the street on the 3700 block of North Kenmore.