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I Knew I Forgot Something!

Told you my brain was fried from lack of sleep.

During Cubs BP yesterday I spotted someone standing in LF wearing #22, and I said to myself, "That doesn't look like Mark Prior." He was too short. Then I noticed he was left-handed. He was standing shagging flies and kibitzing with Kyle Farnsworth.

Then he turned around and I recognized the face -- it was Will Clark, who always wore #22 during his career, and who has been a minor-league hitting consultant for the club, brought here by Dusty Baker, who was his longtime manager with the Giants.

I know it's been fashionable for Cub fans to hate him, dating back to his devastating performance in the 1989 NLCS, but he was laughing, talking with people in the front rows, signing autographs, and tossed a few balls into the stands, and seemed to be a really nice guy.