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1) One sight seen from last night that I forgot: One of the designated "ball-shaggers" (and no, I'm not using that word in the Austin Powers meaning!) was a teenager wearing a White Sox jersey that read "WILLIAMS 5". Jeff & I puzzled over that for a while till we realized it must have been one of Sox GM Kenny Williams' kids.

Two of Williams' older sons were arrested in North Carolina a couple of months ago. The kid shagging balls looked younger than that; I know Williams was deeply affected by this arrest, and hope the All-Star Game means better things for his family.

2) The scoreboard last night indicated HR Derby winners going back to 1985. None of us remembered any such event prior to 1990. And in 1990, it listed Ryne Sandberg as the winner, but both Jeff & I remembered Jose Canseco as the winner that year at Wrigley Field. MLB's revisionist history at work.

3) There's a fascinating and well-written article in today's Chicago Tribune on how baseballs are made in Costa Rica, all stitched by hand. (Tribune requires free registration)