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A Few More All-Star Notes

1) Now how could I have forgotten this:

I noticed on the scoreboard before the game that they had posted the names of winners of something called the "Viagra Sweepstakes".

I wondered out loud to Mike exactly what the winner of such a sweepstakes might get.

He said, "Maybe dinner with Rafael Palmeiro."

I replied, "Well, they better hope it's just dinner."

Rimshots optional.

2) Just how old is Jamie Moyer, 40-year-old Mariners pitcher making his first All-Star appearance?

He was a teammate of current Cub batting coach Gary Matthews Senior, at the game assisting Cub manager Dusty Baker, on the 1986 and 1987 Cubs.

Davey Lopes was also a teammate of Moyer's in 1986.

3) Rumor heard: Juan Gonzalez is about to be traded to the Royals, which would just about assure them of winning the AL Central.