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And On The Forty-Sixth Day, He Rested

No, I don't have a God complex. Seriously.

But from June 1 through July 15, a period of 45 days, I attended a baseball game on 35 of them. The only days I missed were the Cub road series in Cincinnati and Philadelphia (4 games each), and the Cub off days on June 2 and June 9.

That's a lot of baseball and I'm certainly not complaining -- I enjoyed every single bit of it, despite the losing which seemed to start piling on top of itself after the middle of June.

But at a certain point, you find that you don't mind having a few days away from it, to catch up on paperwork. I also learned that attending three straight night games and then getting up at 3:30 am to go to work is probably too much. Since the last two, the HR Derby and All-Star Game, were special occasions, this probably won't ever occur again. I've done back-to-back night games before with not too many ill effects, but I can get home from Cub night games in ten minutes; it takes longer to get home from the Ballmall. Anyway, the Cubs have only seven night games remaining (and only 32 home games, period) this season.

So I actually had time to take a nap yesterday afternoon, and drop my son at his baseball practice (playoffs this weekend, you understand!) and have dinner with my dad, and a couple of his close friends, and it was just a nice day.

Later today or tomorrow (since the Cubs and Marlins are the only teams not resuming the season today), I'll post some thoughts about the first half, and what lies ahead.