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Never Give Up

Tonight's game, currently being led by the Cubs 7-5 in the 6th, is running pretty late, so I'll post more on it tomorrow.

I did want to say something again about the naysayers on the Cubs Usenet newsgroup, who are once again calling for Dusty Baker's head after hearing some pre-game comments that Hee Seop Choi might get sent to Iowa.

Look -- Dusty's job is to win, not develop players. If Choi's in a slump, maybe playing time at Iowa would straighten him out. The White Sox even briefly considered sending Paul Konerko to Triple-A, and he had three solid major league seasons.

The Astros lost to the Pirates tonight 5-3, so the Cubs can gain a game in the standings. There are 65 games remaining. The Cubs' job is still to win the NL Central, which can be done. I'm far from throwing up my hands and giving up and "playing the kids".

So far tonight, the Cubs have shown a lot of heart in first giving up the lead, then getting it back. As I type this, Moises Alou just doubled in two runs for a 9-5 lead.

More in the morning. Never give up.