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1) Just received this note from Christian Ruzich of The Cub Reporter, a blog you should check out if you haven't:

"I did some research at baseball-reference and found that the Cubs have only ever (since 1901) scored 15+ runs in back-to-back games once. Well, actually twice, since they did it three games in a row:

6/1/1930: 16- 4
6/3/1930: 15- 2
6/4/1930: 18-10"

2) Another site you should check out is that of the free satirical paper The Heckler, which has been available outside the ballpark for most of this season, and which has had some truly funny articles and photos.

3) Quote from Angels pitcher Ramon Ortiz after defeating the Tampa Bay Devil Rays 3-1 today: "In baseball you never know. Sometimes you win, win, win. (Sometimes) you lose, lose, lose. You have to stayed focused everytime, win or lose."

I see a bright future for Ortiz as a color commentator after he's done playing.