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So Where's The Cub Post?

Today being a day off, I spent some time catching up on some paperwork and following the Pirates' 3-0 shutout of the Cardinals, which was made even better since I have Jeff Suppan (who threw the CG shutout, his second of the year) on my fantasy league team. This put St. Louis 3 games out, going into their series at Montreal, and Houston is visiting Atlanta, a place they've never played really well.

All this means is that the Cubs must take 2 of 3 from the Giants, starting tomorrow night. 2 of 3 has to be a mantra the rest of the year, and as I mentioned yesterday, it's time for this team, which does have some power hitters, to take advantage of Wrigley Field.

Matt Clement faces Damian Moss. Moss hasn't pitched in Wrigley Field in his career, and Clement hasn't had much success against the Giants over the last three years (one start this year, 6 IP, 7.50 ERA, and a 4.56 ERA over the three previous years vs. San Francisco). But Clement threw well in his last start, and perhaps it's time he turned it around.

Perhaps I'm just babbling here tonight. I'll shut up and go back to watching the Braves-Expos game, the only one on TV here in Chicago tonight.