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Once again, I thought of some stuff after today's game post, so here it is:

1) Sammy Sosa's goatee has to go. It looks evil. On some of us, goatees look good. But not on Sammy.

2) I figured once the White Sox got past the emotional highs of beating the Cubs and Twins at home, and went to play a boring team in front of indifferent fans, they'd lose. Exactly right. Tampa Bay turned the 9th-inning tables on the Sox with a walk-off HR tonight. Playing like this is the classic sign of a .500 ballclub.

3) So often, I criticize city government so I thought I'd take this opportunity to give them an attaboy. I hadn't driven on the reconstructed Wacker Drive since it was finished last November. But today, after heading to dinner at some friends' in Oak Park, I returned downtown via Lower Wacker.

They did it right. It's well-lit, well-marked, and finished on-time and under-budget. The city did something right this time.

For once.