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It Was Forty Years Ago Today

Nearly forgot.

Forty years ago today, Saturday, July 6, 1963, was the very first time I ever entered the Ballyard, better known as Wrigley Field; my dad brought me on a nice Saturday afternoon. On that date the Cubs were 45-36, marginally in contention, third, nine games out.

To show you how different things were then, attendance was 18,000, only half capacity.

To show you how much the same things were then, the Cubs got shut out that day by the Phillies' Cal McLish 6-0, who threw a two-hitter. That was just to prepare me for the last four decades of disappointment and failure.

One other note from today's game: during the rain delay, I discovered the secret to not having to wait in too long of a line in the men's room in the bleachers when it's crowded.

And if you think I'm telling you what it is, you're wrong!