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It Happens Every Year

Every year when the winner of the Ford Frick Award for excellence in broadcasting or journalism is announced, the popular press says that man (and I say man, since no woman has yet won this award) is "being inducted into the broadcasters' wing" of the Hall of Fame.

Yes, I know there's no broadcaster's wing. But the reason I'm writing this is -- why *shouldn't* there be one? Many of the men who have received the Frick Award have contributed as much, if not more, to the game than many of the players, managers, umpires and executives who have plaques on the wall.

I've told some of my friends at the Society for American Baseball Research that they ought to take up this baton and run with it.

Hey, you could too. Contact the Hall of Fame. Tell them they should expand the Frick Award to include a plaque, just like the player/manager/umpire/executive plaques, and an honored place on the wall of the Hall.

99% of the general public already believes that there's a "Broadcaster's Wing". Why not make it true?