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Two Notes From Last Night

1) Carole returned from a trip to the ladies' room to announce that the radio broadcast was now being piped in there. The men's room does not have such luxury. I think we should protest! This is clearly discrimination!

(I'm KIDDING, in case you couldn't tell)

2) A few amiable drunks sat down in front of us and by the late innings were haranguing Jeff about how acquiring Rafael Palmeiro would have solved all the club's problems.

Even drunk, you should be able to figure out how wrong this is. Here's the bottom line on Palmeiro:

He's an idiot. He wants a 3-year extension from the Rangers for $9 million a year, something NO team will give to a 39-year-old DH.

If he had accepted the trade, the Rangers could have negotiated with him all winter as a free agent.

Since he did NOT accept it, as a free agent of the Rangers, in order to keep him, they have to offer him arbitration, which they won't.

So it's likely his career might be over after this season.

Gee, Raffy, hope those Rangers get back to .500 with you. Oh, and that, believe it or not, was his second stupid comment. The first one was that he didn't like the prospects that the Rangers were supposedly getting in the deal. That's wrong from two standpoints: first, no prospects had been agreed upon, and second, who made him the Rangers' GM?

I'm thrilled the Cubs didn't trade for this moron.