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A Month Of This?

A day after a disastrous loss, the Cubs are back to within half a game of the division lead, as both the Cardinals and Astros lost tonight.

With the Marlins and Phillies winning tonight, the Cubs remain 1.5 games off the wild card lead, and fifth (or so -- there are a couple of ties in there). Is that confusing enough?

There are twenty-nine games remaining. I'm not sure I can take much more of this!

One other note from today's game: during the road trip, the club replaced the square of sod in right field that we have all dubbed "Sammy's Spot" -- the spot where he digs his spikes into the turf and creates a nice little marker for himself, made worse during August because of the very wet weather we've had here. Opposing outfielders get booed if they dare stand on this spot. Now it's a slightly-different-colored square of grass.

I'd bet by the end of this homestand, Sammy will have gouged out a nice little spot in the new turf.