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Blowing My Own Horn

One of my fellow bloggers in the Cubs Blog Army is holding an online poll for "Best Cubs Blog of 2003".

So head on over to The View From The Bleachers and vote!

Oh, yes -- blowing my own horn. Of course I want you to vote for me!

A bit of Cub news today: Mike Kiley wrote in his column that he thinks (i.e. more idle speculation) that the Cubs will wind up with Greg Maddux, since the only other likely suitor is the Cardinals.

Ah, but the plot thickens. The Cardinals signed Julian Tavarez today, and while he's no Maddux, that might fill the roster spot that Maddux might otherwise fill. There are also web rumors flying that Maddux' signing might be the big "surprise" announcement at next weekend's Cub convention.

We await developments.