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I Goofed!

OK, math is not my strong point.

1946 to 1967 is 21 years, not 19, as Mike Donohue pointed out to me:

I wouldn’t be picking nits if it weren’t for the fact that your entire observation as based on an inaccuracy, but I am compelled to point out to you that the number of years between the Red Sox’ pennant in 1946 and their next one is twenty-one years, not nineteen. 19 years would put it in ’65, when Koufax’ Dodgers knocked of Zoilo Versalles’ Twins. So it would read 21-8-11-18.

Gosh, I sure hope this doesn't mean the Red Sox have to wait till 2118 to win. Let's look at it this way: the middle two numbers add up to 19. How's that?