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I'm Almost Speechless

The Boston Red Sox are the World Champions.

Read that again, everyone. And you haven't taken the Wayback Machine to 1918, either. For one thing, you wouldn't be reading this if you had, because there weren't computers then, or as Joe Buck so helpfully pointed out on tonight's telecast, there wasn't reality TV then either.

Yes, the Red Sox really did win the World Series, finishing a stunning sweep of the Cardinals with a 3-0 shutout tonight in St. Louis.

I had to go back and read that myself to make sure it was true, and yes, it really is.

I missed the first six innings while at a local Directors Guild of America committee meeting, during which I found out, along with important things that have to do with my businesss, that a usual order for World Champions caps is about 200,000 on first run.

The Red Sox ordered two MILLION caps, and I bet they'll sell out in 24 hours.

Really, I couldn't be happier unless it was the Cubs winning. I've always felt the Red Sox were kind of like our big brothers, the team that actually did make it to the World Series, only to THEN lose in spectacular fashion.

Not tonight. The eight consecutive wins the Red Sox have reeled off is perhaps the greatest such run in all major league history, and I'm not overhyping it. To win eight games in a row, the first four of which were all win-or-go-home, under the pressure they have been under, is nothing short of amazing.

Let's also get one thing very clear. There is no "Curse of the Bambino" -- there never was, as this article makes quite clear in a nifty debunking of the alleged "facts" in this case. This "curse" is the invention of Boston sportswriter Dan Shaughnessy, and through manipulation of various facts, has become part of sporting lore, but is absolutely not real.

The Red Sox have been jinxed, not cursed. And yes, there's a difference.

And that jinx has been definitively ended tonight, and thus concludes one of the best, if not THE best, postseasons ever.

We Cubs fans salute Red Sox fans, albeit with a little bit of sad envy, wishing we could have been where you are tonight.

We're next.