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Read Between The Lines

The Cubs website article on the hiring of Bob Brenly as analyst has one ominous omission.

It mentions only WGN-TV. Nowhere in the article is Comcast Sports Net mentioned, even though CSN will carry half the TV schedule.

Does this mean that the Cubs will hire a different analyst -- or even a completely different two-man team -- for the cable games? That'd be foolish, as we found out during the two disastrous years of Joe Carter and Dave Otto splitting time as TV analyst. It's even more foolish considering that CSN is part-owned by the Cubs, so they don't have to get someone else's approval for announcer hiring.

Ed Sherman's column in today's Tribune implies this won't happen:

Brenly won't do any outside network work during the season, working the entire Cubs' television schedule. The same setup is expected to be true for the new play-by-play man.

But even in Sherman's article, apart from that paragraph, only WGN-TV is mentioned as a broadcast outlet.

There will be a press conference tomorrow introducing, or more correctly, re-introducing, Brenly, to the Chicago media. I hope this is clarified then.