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It's Just This Simple

Sammy Sosa to the Mets.

Mike Piazza to the Dodgers.

Shawn Green to the Cubs.

Naturally, it's not quite that simple. There are contracts to be worked on, and now that the MLBPA appears to be amenable to re-working Sammy's deal since it doesn't involve guaranteed money, unlike the A-Rod deal last winter (the apparent thinking is that since the Cubs would not exercise the option, the "guaranteed" money is along the lines of $25 million -- the 2005 salary, the 2006 buyout, and the termination pay due when a trade occurs -- rather than $40 million).

But this would get all three teams a player they can use, it would get a player off all three teams that they don't want or who has worn out his welcome, and the money isn't all that far apart.

Don't be surprised if a deal similar to this happens in the next few days.