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Ticket Renewals For 2005

Those of us who are season ticket holders got our renewal forms today. They ask that we fax an "are you returning or not" notice by December 15, and renew by January 17.

Yes, prices are going up. What a surprise!

For my bleacher season ticket, there are still six "value dates" -- weekdays in April and May, which are still $15. There are 35 "regular dates" which are $28 (up from $26 in 2004) and 40 "prime dates" which are $38 (up from $35). This is about the same mix of dates as in 2004.

Other prices (value/regular/prime):
Club Box (Infield): $30/$50/$60 
Club Box (Outfield): $20/$40/$50
Field Box (Infield): $20/$40/$50
Field Box (Outfield): $19/$38/$46
Terrace Box (Infield): $18/$36/$42
Terrace Box (Outfield): $16/$32/$38
Upper Deck Box (Infield): $18/$36/$42
Upper Deck Box (Outfield): $16/$32/$38
Terrace Reserved (Infield): $11/$22/$30
Terrace Reserved (Outfield): $10/$20/$27
Upper Deck Reserved (Infield): $6/$14/$18
Upper Deck Reserved (Outfield): $6/$14/$17
Let's hope this increase amounts to enough to sign Carlos Beltran.

The Cubdom's Attend-O-Meter estimated the Cubs' gross ticket revenues for 2004 as a little over $90 million. The increases in ticket prices appear to be approximately ten percent -- that would translate to about $9 million in additional gross revenues.