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The Cubs are looking for a closer, as we all know.

You can cross the Brewers' Dan Kolb off the wish list, as he is now the Atlanta Braves' Dan Kolb, in a one-for-one deal involving the Braves' top pitching prospect, Jose Capellan (who is not only Atlanta's best prospect but perhaps the best pitching prospect in the majors).

This will undoubtedly unleash a flood of "Jim Hendry's not doing anything!" whining, but people, RELAX!

Look at the countdown clock above. It is still (as of this writing) one hundred and thirteen days till Opening Day. Yes, the Cubs need a closer. They could trade for one on April 3 and it would be fine with me.

The Cubs could not have matched this offer -- they've got pitching prospects, but no one as good as Capellan. There have been rumors that Atlanta is interested in Kyle Farnsworth, and I suppose it's possible that the Cubs could offer him and a prospect or two to the Braves for Kolb, but don't count on that.

Do count on Hendry getting creative and coming up with something we haven't thought of.

And be patient.