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This Sign Is Still Wrong!

Let's have a quick math lesson about the numbers in this sign, recently changed to reflect next season (photo taken today, December 2, 2004), of which the first two digits purport to be how long it's been since a Cubs division title, the second two how long since an NL pennant, and the last two how long since a World Championship:

2005 - 97 = 1908. Check.

2005 - 60 = 1945. Check.

2005 - 01 = 2004... uh, nope. Last division title = 2003.

Where the Lakeview Baseball Club made its mistake was not changing the "00" they put up on September 27, 2003, the day the Cubs clinched the NL Central. On that day, and for the remainder of the 2003 postseason, it was correct.

But as soon as the calendar changed to 2004, it should then have been changed to "01". It wasn't, and so now it's wrong.

It should either say: "015996" or "026097".

But "016097" is wrong. I e-mailed them last year and got a poorly spelled form letter saying that I was wrong. I've just e-mailed them again. Will post here if they send a response.

Doesn't matter. Their math doesn't work, whether they think so or not.