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I'm Bored, So...

Here's another Sammy rumor, one that may have legs considering that Mets GM Omar Minaya was at Sammy's wedding vow renewal in the Dominican Republic last weekend.

Here it is: Sosa and a pitching prospect and an OF prospect (who will NOT be Felix Pie or Ryan Harvey, more likely it would be Jason Dubois) to the Mets for Cliff Floyd (who has $13 million remaining on his deal) and Mike Cameron ($8.6 million on his contract). Coincidentally, this adds up to just about $21.5 million, just what Sosa would be owed for 2005 and his 2006 buyout -- if Sosa is willing to agree to an extension in 2006 and option year for 2007.

One reason Minaya was in the Dominican Republic last week attempting to get Sosa to agree to the framework of a deal like this. The re-marriage ceremony is in part, supposedly just a cover for all of this.

Cameron could be platooned with Hollandsworth in left -- yes, he didn't hit very well against lefties last year, but over his career he has been somewhat better vs. lefthanders.

If this doesn't work, or even if it does, maybe someone would deal for him, or if the Cubs can sign someone else, Cameron could even be dealt before spring training ends. This is similar to the original thinking when Grudzielanek and Karros were acquired in a similar "get rid of a player at all costs" deal. Floyd could also be showcased in spring training to AL teams who might be looking for a DH.

Doing this deal would reduce the overall payroll for 2005 by $6 million and gives a little more payroll flexibility for the real goal, which is to sign Carlos Beltran.