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A Bunch Of Miscellaneous Stuff For A Tuesday Afternoon

There are no new Sammy rumors, not even good ones that I can make up, so the only Sosa news is that his jerseys have been marked down from $150 to $110, and hardly anyone is buying them.

This should come as no big surprise.

The Cubs are trying to get the city to approve their latest bleacher expansion proposal, which is slimmed down somewhat from the previous ones, but yesterday's announcement that the Cubs may have to keep the nets up throughout the 2005 season and maybe even beyond, due to the fact that the falling concrete pieces from last summer were caused by -- guess what? -- aging concrete, means that the Cubs have things they have to satisfy city engineers about first before they get any approval for any expansion plans.

At least that's the way I see it.

Finally, it appears that baseball in Washington is a 'go' again, as the DC city council today approved an amended financing law that is apparently satisfactory to MLB. This will be disappointing to all the eBay entrepreneurs who tried to cash in on souvenirs they thought might not be made any more.

The online store has not yet been restored, but I'll bet it will be within a few days.