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Wrigley Field Night Game Deal Approved

The Chicago City Council, as expected, today approved the deal allowing the Cubs to increase night games from 18 to 30 over the next three years.

The immediate impact will be up to four additional night games this year -- though schedules have already been printed, none is set in stone, and single-game tickets don't go on sale till February 27, so game times can easily be adjusted. Plus, ESPN hasn't yet decided on its Sunday night schedule.

I'd think, as I posted here before, that if the ordinance allows Friday night games, that April 23 and June 18 -- two dates where the Cubs come home on a Friday following a Thursday night game on the road -- will be two of the four additional dates in 2004.

My personal feeling? I'm a purist. I'd love 81 day games. But that's not the reality and hasn't been for years. The Cubs aren't going to sell any more tickets for the four extra games, because they're already pushing 100% of capacity.

But four extra night games' worth of TV advertising sales adds up to some pretty significant dollars, and that's the reason they have been pushing for this for many years.

And just look up at the top of this blog. 20 days -- less than three weeks -- and the Cubs will be on the field, playing the Giants in Mesa, their first exhibition game.

Bring it on.