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Stuff I Don't Want To Talk About

1) Dusty Baker's "McCarthyism" comment in regard to steroids. Frankly, we just have to let this play out. To me, it's just another way of reporters trying to fill slow news days.

2) The scheduled destruction of the Bartman foul ball tomorrow. I mean, really, talk about a photo op. For heaven's sake, this thing is going to be live on MSNBC tomorrow at 7 pm CT.

3) The movie "The Passion of the Christ". No. Seriously. Not a word. I do NOT want to talk about it. No, I'm NOT going to pay money to see this movie. No. Not talking about it.

Well, there's the stuff I don't want to talk about. Can you see I really need a ballgame?

One week from today, my friends, on ESPN, 1 pm CT.

Also, I should report that it took 90 minutes to get through the line for wristbands being handed out at Wrigley Field today, for the ticket sale which begins Friday morning. This year they are handing out twice as many wristbands as last year (20,000 as opposed to 10,000), though they still may run out by the time they finish handing them out tomorrow at 10 pm. If you are in the Chicago area and want one, I'd recommend getting there today or early tomorrow.