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Scott Boras: Who Does He Think He's Fooling?

If you read this article, which claims that the Dodgers now have interest in Greg Maddux, your jaw will drop.

It says that Jim Colborn, the Dodgers' pitching coach, spoke to Maddux, and Dodger manager Jim Tracy spoke to Maddux' brother, and this is supposed to make us believe that suddenly the Dodgers are hot in pursuit of him?

How many players do you think Colborn and Tracy have signed in their careers?

Boras, one of the most reviled (by fans, at least) agents in baseball, is further quoted as saying, "We're just talking to four, five teams and are waiting to see."

Yeah, right. He can talk all he wants, but this is sooooo transparent. He's obviously trying to get Jim Hendry to panic, thinking that there are several other suitors out there, so that he can squeeze more money out of the Cubs.

I guess I can't blame Boras for doing his job, which is trying to get the best deal possible for his client. But honestly, for both the Cubs and Maddux, the best deal is to sign with the Cubs. Maddux doesn't need to break the bank, having earned over $100 million in his distinguished career.

The Dodgers are in turmoil, having just been sold to a highly-leveraged new owner who seems hell-bent on wrecking the organization (he has told highly respected GM Dan Evans that he has to re-interview for his job), and I can't see them having the money to sign Greg Maddux; not only that, but the Dodgers' main need is hitting, and if they think they can sign Maddux and then trade Odalis Perez for hitting, they are hallucinating. Perez isn't that good.

It says here that the Cubs will sign Maddux soon, perhaps by the end of this week.

A bit of irony here, too, of course: both Tracy and Colborn are former Cub players.