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I Love Bashing Scott Boras

And so does Dick Murphy, a reader here, who sent me this e-mail today:

The problem with Boras is that he always poisons the well for his players. I'm sure he's woofing Maddux about how much more he's worth than the Cubs are offering, so Greg may grudgingly sign.

The fans get tired of the posturing; they'd like a star who wants to be here, and though Maddux might, Boras would never let him reveal that.

Then he pitches this crap about how Greg is gonna teach everyone to be better next year with him around. Woe to Mr. Maddux if he has a start like last year, and the Cub staff underperforms. He might hear the first boos ever in a Cub uniform.

I guess Pudge has a World Series ring, so maybe he's content to play out the string with the Tigers for the next four years. But A-Rod doesn't. And the blame for his situation lies almost entirely at the feet of Mr. Boras.

I couldn't have put that better. Thanks!