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The Cubs Lost To WHO?

Even in spring training, this is a little ridiculous, and as I spent a good portion of the day in school conferences, I don't have a whole lot to say about Shawn Estes being the winning pitcher for the Rockies in a 13-3 blowout at Mesa today.

Worse is the fact that it was pretty close to an Opening Day lineup today, and worse than that is that the Rockies' offensive damage was done by mediocre hitters like Kit Pellow (4 RBI) and Benji Gil (3 RBI), and that Juan Cruz got absolutely lit up.

So I'm going to turn over the rest of today's post to my friend Jessica, who is -- well, let's just say she's a big fan of Greg Maddux, and here's what she e-mailed me after she saw the score:

I get VERY little info and no audio so I was VERY nervous when I saw the Cubs getting shelled because I thought it was a Maddux start. I suppose it would have been better if it was as it would nice to see Cruz pitch well but I am kind of selfish. I am SURE there will be discussion about Estes being the winning pitcher. I assume this means Maddux tomorrow and Zambrano against the Sox.

And that's pretty much where we are today; Sergio Mitre threw three credible innings and Kyle Farnsworth mopped up and tomorrow it's off to Peoria to play the Mariners.