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A Few Notes

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First, the bad news. It now appears nearly certain that Mark Prior will start the year on the DL. We can only hope that with off days, and back-dating the DL date, that he won't have to miss too many starts. If that wasn't bad enough, Moises Alou fouled a ball off his leg yesterday. Isn't it odd the way certain players just seem to have these things happen to them more than others? At least the Cubs have some options in LF, unlike last year. Tom Goodwin finished yesterday's game but I'd expect Todd Hollandsworth to get the playing time if Alou can't play for a few days.

I saw a blimp hovering over the park in Mesa and thought that was a little much for WGN's coverage of a spring training game. It wasn't. It was there for the Safeway International tournament on the LPGA tour, being held at nearby Superstition Mountain Golf Club, and won by Annika Sorenstam yesterday.