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It's Weird

I know many of you probably subscribe to MLB audio, and this year you have to buy the entire season in order to get the spring training games "free" (unlike last year when they used the exhibition season as an enticement to buy).

So, I have not heard hide nor hair of the last two games, since I have WGN radio here and all the games on cable TV in Chicago.

Maybe that's why the Cubs have been winning. Today, another nicely-pitched 5-3 win over the Giants, this time finally in the sunshine in front of a sellout crowd at Ho Ho Kam Park. The Cubs expect to set another attendance record this spring, and several other games are already sellouts.

Juan Cruz threw two shutout innings, as a starter, though his role on the 2004 Cubs, presuming he makes the team, would be in the bullpen. Cruz had a terrific off-season in winter ball, and I saw him throw lights-out in Arizona last March also. Perhaps if he can have a defined role this year, unlike last year when he'd go many days without pitching, would help him.

The box score provided with the link above shows the Giants offense with only two runs and the Cubs with only four, so perhaps you'd like this box score instead, which has the proper score. The only Cub pitcher who threw poorly today was Mike Wuertz, and he's going to be at Iowa, if he's even still in the organization after spring training.

A lot of the offensive regulars (Sosa, Alou, Lee, Barrett) got the day off today, leaving it to Todd Hollandsworth (double, RBI), Alex Gonzalez (2 RBI), and Tom Goodwin (triple, RBI) to do the damage off one of the Giants' better young pitchers, Jerome Williams.

Yes, I know you can get the same information out of the box score. But know that I'm sitting here chomping at the bit to get out to the ballpark in only two weeks. Tomorrow's game is on WGN radio, so I should have at least a more complete, if not more interesting report.

Last spring training, this worked pretty well too, as the Cubs had a much better record in games I did not see or hear, at least until I got there.

Finally, today I ordered tickets for the Cubs/Diamondbacks exhibition game at the BOB on April 3. I accidentally ordered four tickets too many. If anyone reading this blog would like those tickets, please contact me.