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The First Crack In The Armor

Okay, this isn't the biggest deal in recent Cub history, but it now appears that Mike Remlinger will start the season on the DL.

Remlinger is a useful pitcher who had a decent, not great, season in 2003, and is 38 years old. With two years left on a 3-year, $10 million deal, you'd hope he could be effective for at least this season, but if he's not, the Cubs at least do have several other options, including Jimmy Anderson or Felix Sanchez if they decide to go with a lefty, or perhaps Gary Glover or Francis Beltran from the right side.

Keep in mind that Jim Hendry is never averse to making a deal before the end of spring training and that plenty of teams are still out there looking for help (Mark Grudzielanek, anyone?) and that could be an answer to this as well.

For once, there are enough major-league caliber pitchers in camp that Remlinger can get healthy and ready without having to be rushed.

And that in itself is refreshing.