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Thanks For Proving Me Right

I don't hate the White Sox, really I don't, not like a lot of Cub fans do.

But it has been said, "Sox fans hate the Cubs and Cub fans hate the Sox fans".

And this thread on a White Sox posting board is a perfect example of that.

I go to Sox games occasionally because I love baseball, and yesterday, it was, as I wrote, a nice sunny day and there was a ballgame, and I did enjoy myself. I have had enjoyable days and nights at the Cell and often, I talk baseball there with friendly and knowledgeable people who love their team, and that's not something to be derided, that's something to be admired. All sports fans should be as passionate as Cub AND Sox fans.

But when Sox fans say goofy stuff like they did in this article in today's Tribune, and I quote from it:

"It's an exhilarating moral victory for the South Side," said Rory Ohse, 31, of Chicago. "The Cubs may go further and they may be the better team, but we're 1-0 at the home opener."

... then I shake my head and wonder. C'mon. It's one game. I have heard from some Sox fans that they don't even care if they make the playoffs as long as they beat the Cubs in the interleague games. That's bizarre.

Can't we all just get along?