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Stuff I Forgot Yesterday

* Jeff didn't come to yesterday's game as he had to work. But in the 7th inning we turned around and saw a guy who looked like his evil twin, standing against the fence. I mean, the resemblance was scary, even down to the guy holding a scorecard.

Then the Cubs had their 5-run inning and he was gone.

We must figure out a way to do this more often.

* Adam Dunn of the Reds must have thought he was being really clever when Aramis Ramirez' drive in the 8th inning got lodged in the leafless ivy. He held his hands up, hoping to get the "ground-rule-double" ruling from the umpires.

For about the only time in the series, the umpires made the right call. The ball was clearly visible, so the fielder has to go and get it. If they'd have waited a bit longer, Ramirez might have had the weirdest inside-the-park HR in Cub history; he had to settle for a triple.