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Stuff I Forgot Yesterday

* Sunday morning, on our ABC-7 morning show, among the guests was someone showing off interesting items that had been created by local entrepreneurs.

Among them were things from CurseBreaker, an outfit that's making cute little goat stuffed animals and keychains, in yet another silly attempt to break the "goat curse".

Now, I think that stuff has absolutely nothing to do with baseball. And if they really wanted to break the curse, they'd do what Billy Goat Sianis wanted to do in 1945 -- let the goat come to a game with a ticket and sit in a seat. Parading a goat around the infield isn't going to cut it.

But anyway, I took one of the keychains and put it in my backpack.

Since the Cubs won yesterday, I'll leave it in there for the rest of the season.

Can't be too lucky, you know.

* On an actual baseball-related note, one thing that's kind of gotten lost in looking at the club this year, and the great hitting and outstanding pitching, is the terrific defense the Cubs have been playing.

The club is tied for first (with Colorado and Cincinnati) for fewest errors, with only seven (for some reason's fielding stat page lists the Cubs with 19 games played, rather than the correct 18), and they have allowed only one unearned run thus far this year.

Revel in this, my friends. We are in uncharted waters.