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Want To Waste An Evening?

Go try a fun website called "Lost In Translation" which has nothing to do with the Bill Murray movie, but instead, using a common web-translation algorithm, takes any text you input, translates it into various languages and back into English, several times, getting more ridiculous with each re-translation.

So, I decided to try it with the first couple of paragraphs I wrote in this morning's post.

The site allows you to use Chinese, Japanese and Korean in addition to European languages, so I put the text through the following sequence:

English, Japanese, English, Chinese, English, Korean, English, French, English, German, English, Italian, English, Portuguese, English, Spanish and English.

The final product included the following sentence:

The measured value putrid is LaTroy Hawkins.

Yeah, that's just about right.

Now, to go out and right the ship tonight.