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This Is Absolutely No Surprise

Shawn Morris e-mailed me this morning:

Hello from aisle 508. I noticed you listed Rusch as throwing 98 pitches. I assume you got that off the scoreboards at Wrigley. Big warning, whoever is doing the pitchcounts is doing a poor job. They were off by 3 today(Rusch had 101) and seemed to be off yesterday as well. I track pitch counts on my scorecard and have noticed they're usually wrong. Thought you might like to know.

Along with all the other stuff that's wrong with those boards (example: they put up a statistical note last night that said someone had been 13-for-25 -- didn't say in what period of time -- and then said that was a .500 average), this doesn't surprise me a bit.

I just wish they'd put hits and errors on the boards, like we used to have.