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Cosmic Things Are Happening...

This is a phrase my buddy Mike likes to use when weird things start to happen that perhaps foreshadow a special season for the Cubs.

Last October during the Division Series vs. Atlanta I got an e-mail from someone identifying himself only as "Fred", who wrote:

I grew up in Chicago in the 50's-60's, and have been away for 30 years. A lifelong diehard, we return to Wrigley yearly. We went to the Ted for Game 1. The number of our fans there was unprecedented and unrivaled.

My mom died the day of the last Cubs game of 2002, almost to the hour that a year later they won this past Tuesday. It was the Cubbies that kept her going, and gave her solace. Since then, her soulmate of 57 years (dad) is understandably lost. The only thing that keeps him looking forward are the Cubbies. They've been more than a ballteam to us. They are, and will always be, a significant fabric of our family. They've kept us from falling apart, and drew us closer, especially now.

Mom's smiling down right now. She "told" me to tell everyone in the NG something we already know; There's magic in the air right now. Eat it up. Go Cubs.

I loved that sentiment and posted it here, only to learn later that "Fred", and his mom, were my cousins, who I hadn't seen in many years.

I received an e-mail today from Fred's longtime companion, Becky, that he had passed away on June 15, far too young at the age of 51.

Now, Fred and his mom are both smiling down on us. The Cubs won on June 15, last Tuesday, in Houston, a game that I attended. Watch over us, you two. We cannot fail.