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Corrections and Updates

Last night I wrote that Glendon Rusch had a quality start (6 or more IP, 3 or fewer ER).

That's not correct; the run that scored as a result of Moises Alou's kicking the ball into the ivy, an error, wound up being an earned run because two batters later, Andy Pettitte's double would have scored him anyway.

Even without the "quality start", Rusch did at least keep the Cubs in the game until they came back with Biggio's error in the 7th. With Jeff Kent suffering a hamstring pull last night, if I were Jimy Williams, I'd put Biggio at 2nd and Jason Lane in the outfield. But we shall see.

Also on the Astros' injury list now is Wade Miller, who was supposed to start on Thursday. He will be replaced by Pete Munro, who has faced the Cubs only twice in his career, one start in 2002 and one relief appearance last year.

With Clement and Prior going, I don't think it's silly for the Cubs to think sweep.