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Some Encouragement...

comes via e-mail from Sam Gerros, who attended yesterday's game:

Sorry to report that I did not get your instructions in time - which still keeps the tomato piece theory somewhat, if not completely, intact. We were already at the "metro link" train station waiting for the ride. By the way, there is a Jimmy John's down here in "Hooterville", as my wife likes to call it.

Our seats were actually six rows behind the Cubs on-deck circle. It was brutally hot with little cloud cover and hardly any breeze. Clement had a tough first inning having to stay out a little longer than usual but so goes the luck of the team lately. I was encouraged that we were hanging in there until it fell apart in the eighth. We had some golden opportunities at various points in the game but failed to capitalize. Don't know if they showed this on the tube but after Alou's second or third at-bat, he came back to the dug-out and when he reached the steps, he took this bat and just wiped it to the back wall. I could hear the thing crash. He IS in a "funk" right now.

So, after the game ended, we were waiting around for some of the Cardinal fan "debris" to clear, and as I was sitting there, I suddenly got this feeling that everything was going to be OK. Believe me, I'm not one to psychoanalyze anything but something was telling me that the Cubs are not done - even if they lose tonight. Don't know what it means - don't know if it's some kind of defense mechanism the mind conjures up or what but I just had the feeling. There you have it, we shall see...

Indeed. Now let's go get 'em tonight.