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Owning Up

Now, the true story can be told. Yesterday's loss is my fault.

I participate in an online fantasy baseball league sponsored by The Sporting News.

It's fairly straightforward -- you pick three pitchers and five hitters and accumulate points based on their performances.

The season "started over" after the All-Star break and so I was looking around for players that seemed like they were getting hot right then.

One of those was Eric Milton, who had a lot of wins and whose ERA was dropping. He made one good start after the ASB, and I had gone to the site and attempted to cut him just before the Phillies/Cubs series, since I knew he was starting on Sunday.

Unfortunately, due to not having enough "TSN Dollars", my transaction didn't go through and by the time I figured this out, it was too late. I got stuck with him for yesterday's game.

I got 128 points for his near no-hitter yesterday, which is about as many as you can get for a starting pitcher. I'd rather have given all the points up. And frankly, now I'm going to keep him, because he'll start against the Marlins on Thursday, and won't go in the series next weekend at Wrigley Field.

I take responsibility.

Now, let's go beat those darn Brewers.