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Thoughts Before The Doubleheader

Got an e-mail from Mike this morning that about sums it all up:

I keep thinking (because it's the only damn comfort we got) back to the '98 wild card. Every few games, including the last scheduled one, was some maddening loss that seemed to cost us the thing at the time. Who the hell knows? I could say this Marlins series will tell one way or the other, only I know it won't.

The key to this afternoon's action is, of course, that Wood and Prior need to be WOOD AND PRIOR.

And, yesterday the other contenders for the WC played four games, and lost three of them (the Astros managed to split their doubleheader).

At a certain point, however, the players have to stop scoreboard-watching and win.

Today would be a good time to start doing that.