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Yes, I'm Going

And why not? It's gorgeous and sunny today here in Chicago, so I'm going to hie myself down to the Cell this afternoon to see the Expos play the Marlins, a baseball event that may not ever be repeated, a neutral-site NL game at an AL ballpark, with perhaps the two worst draws in baseball participating.

The games are, of course, meaningful to the Cubs, as the Marlins are in the increasingly tightening wild-card race. I've got an Expos-related T-shirt to wear (the one I got in Puerto Rico last September), and will be rooting hard for Montreal to pretend they're playing like they did last week against the Cubs.

Dave's going too, and he says the games will probably draw less than 1,000 people. We shall see.

Stuff I left out of yesterday's post: I'm not doing the onion thing any more because I remembered that I had accidentally dropped onions on my scorecard at the Cell when the Cubs were there in June, and they lost that game too.

Also, Dave, who isn't a football fan, seemed really happy when he heard about the Bears loss -- something I expected, because the Bears really aren't very good (even though Phil insists they'll go 10-6 -- yeah, right). When I talked to Jeff this morning, we couldn't figure out which of us had seen the worse Chicago team performance:

* me -- I saw a Cub blowout loss

* him -- he saw the Bears lose to a team that hadn't won a road game in almost four years

Chicago fans. We wear this stuff like badges of honor.

And finally, yesterday was the day that my son Mark chose to reveal to me that the instrument he had chosen for the school band is... drums.

When Mike heard this he said, "You are SCREWED!"

Which is true. Maybe I'll have the drums installed in the garage so he can have his very own garage band. At the very least they're headed to the basement.