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I was reminded today by reader Eric Smedley that:

On July 31, 2001, the Cubs were 62-43 and came one Fred McGriff/David Weathers defensive blowup against the Padres away from being 20 games over .500 (a loss which started a downward spiral on the 2001 season).

So, the Cubs have been more than 15 games over .500 since 1989, but not this late in the season.

And the Brewers, who helped the Cubs out so much last year by beating Houston the final weekend, aren't helping now -- they got swept by the Giants, getting shut out by SF today 4-0, moving the Giants a full game up on the Cubs.

The rest of San Francisco's schedule is against contenders: six vs. San Diego, six vs. Los Angeles, and three vs. Houston, and the Cubs still have four games in hand (nineteen remaining, including tonight, against fifteen for SF), and lead in the loss column.

Think positive. The winning streak continues tonight.