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Looking For Clues

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Searching around the web, I noticed within the last few minutes that the front page of the Cubs website listed "next game" as "Saturday, September 4, 5:05 pm CT" and that the mini-calendar that shows a week's worth of games, had Friday blank.

Then I located this article which indicates that tomorrow's game is, in fact, officially postponed.

And finally, the Cubs website posted this article which confirmed the postponement and that no makeup date has been announced, and that the Marlins are "monitoring the situation".

Here's my best guess: that Saturday's game will also be postponed, and if weather and other conditions permit, the two teams will play a doubleheader in Miami on Sunday, with the third game in the series held back and played only if it has bearing on the wild-card (or other) standings.

We await developments, and hope that people in South Florida will be safe.