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All-Star Break #2

That's what this kind of feels like -- three days without Cubs baseball, in the middle of the season, only with a bit more urgency because of the tightening wild-card race.

We can hope that other teams help us out during this enforced timeout, and who knows? The Cub lead might be increased by the time they take the field again.

There's lots of wild-ass speculation going on right now, so let me add to it. We know that Saturday's game is now officially postponed, and the Cubs might travel to Miami for a single game on Sunday -- that's already known, that IF they play Sunday, there'll be only one game.

There are many, many scenarios, but the most likely one appears to be that one game could be made up as part of a DH next Saturday in Chicago, with the Marlins as the "home" team, batting last. The other(s) could be made up on Sept. 9 (if the Marlins and Mets could move their Tues/Wed/Thurs series to Mon/Tues/Wed), or on Sept. 20, or held till the end of the season.

For more speculation, and some actual information, click here.

For me, I'm off to watch the beginnings of the Colorado/San Diego and Arizona/San Francisco games, then to sleep and up for work tomorrow at 3 am.