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It's Official

The three postponed games from last weekend have been officially rescheduled.

There will be a doubleheader in Chicago this Friday. Unlike most doubleheaders, which start at noon CT, this one will start at 1:20 CT -- why? I have no idea. Possibly to give the Marlins extra time to get to Chicago after their day game in Miami on Thursday, possibly for TV reasons.

Here is the announcement from the Marlins website, which states that the Marlins will be the visiting team for both games.

The Cubs website says the same thing, and both announcements go on to say that the other two games will be made up as a DH in Miami on Monday, September 20, time to be announced.

I'll bet this will be changed later, but as of 2:45 CT on Tuesday, this wire service story, which has been picked up by news websites all over the country (the Chicago NBC link above being only one example), says that the Marlins will be the HOME team for both games. This is absurd, and probably is the result of a wire service writer copying down the information incorrectly.

So, the Cubs will gain the benefit of an extra home game this season, and unless Dusty changes his mind, Kerry Wood and Mark Prior will pitch the two games on Friday.