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Yet Another Sosa Rumor

Mike Kiley writes in today's Sun-Times that there is renewed interest in Sammy Sosa from GM Jim Bowden of the Washington Nationals.

Bowden had spoken to Jim Hendry about Sosa a month or so ago, but at the time said the Nationals wouldn't assume any of the contract.

Kiley's article says that may have changed, and so there may be negotiating room.

Looking at the Nationals' roster, there isn't a single name that jumps out at you as a potential contract dump, nor is there anyone that I'd really be interested in seeing the Cubs acquire -- well, except Brad Wilkerson, but I doubt the Nats are interested in dealing him at any price.

Washington's management must make a splash with some star players, and they have already signed two players (Cristian Guzman and Vinny Castilla) to fairly large contracts, but neither Guzman nor Castilla carries the star power that Sammy Sosa would.

DC is a big enough stage for someone of Sammy's ego to feel that he'd be getting the exposure he wants. Kiley's article says that if the $18 million option that Sosa would have vest in any trade, could be negotiated down to about $8 million for 2006, then maybe a deal could get done.

In that case maybe the Cubs could pry Chad Cordero away from the Nationals in the trade, or maybe Terrmel Sledge, who had a .942 OPS in Triple-A in 2003.

Another option would come if they do free up at least part of Sosa's contract, Hendry could either sign Magglio Ordonez to an incentive-laden deal, or maybe even trade for another outfielder already signed with another club.

As ever, we await developments.